Caroline Lucas to make pre-election tour of local Green Parties

20 February 2011

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MP will this week visit a number of local Green Parties as a boost to their election campaigns.

The tour will take in cities and towns as far apart as Lancaster and Cambridge, York and Totnes, and will culminate in a public meeting in Cardiff to support the Green Party's efforts to win its first seat in the Welsh Assembly this year.

The big local issues raised during the party leader's pre-election tour are expected to include the party's opposition to public sector cuts and its twin-track policy against the austerity measures - to continue campaigning nationally for a radical alternative, involving fairer taxation, and cracking down on tax evasion and avoidance.

The Green Party would also raise cash through scrapping the £100m Trident missile replacement project, switching funds from high-carbon to low-carbon but jobs-rich sectors, and investing to keep employment up and benefit costs down, while at the local council level, campaigning to limit the damage forced on local councils by central government cuts.


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