Jenny Jones - our candidate for London Mayor in 2012

20 March 2011

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones has been selected as the party's London Mayoral candidate, after a ballot of party members in the capital showed she had won a comfortable 67% of the vote.

Jenny Jones said:

"At this time of savage cuts to essential services, London needs a Mayor who will create a fairer city and reduce the gap between rich and poor. These are hard times for people who care about quality services, local businesses, and protecting the most vulnerable members of our communities. I promise to make fighting cuts to housing benefit, the NHS and youth services a key part of my campaign to be Mayor.

"I want to thank Shahrar Ali and Farid Bahkt for making the selection of the Green Party's mayoral candidate a genuine contest, which I feel fortunate to have won."

Jenny Jones was first elected to the London Assembly in May 2000 and has served as Deputy Mayor and as Chair of the Assembly's Planning and Housing Committee. This is the first time that she has stood for Mayor.

Jenny added: "Green Assembly Members have made a real impact in London over the past decade. Unlike elections for parliament or local councils, the elections for the London Assembly are held under proportional representation. That means every vote counts. I'll be urging Londoners to use their vote to elect more Green Assembly Members next year."

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