Green Leader named 'MEP of the Year for Trade'

14 October 2008

Green Leader Caroline Lucas MEP has been awarded a top accolade for her work on trade issues in the European Parliament.

Caroline, a member of the International Trade Committee and an experienced campaigner on climate change, animal rights and social justice, was chosen by her fellow MEPs to receive the Parliament magazine award for ‘MEP of the Year 2008' from a shortlist drawn up by campaign organisations.

In recent years, she has been instrumental in policy-making on trade; for example, through her work to radically reform the EU's controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), to stop the sale of timber from illegal logging and deforestation, and in calling for a ban on the import of seal products into the EU.

Caroline has been highly critical of the Global Europe trading strategy, pioneered by outgoing EU Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson, which promotes an aggressive anti-developmental approach in trying to force open the markets in some of the poorest countries.

She is also beginning work on a project focused on the World Trade Organisation and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to examine how international rules on trade will need to change to accommodate crucial environmental policies.




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