Energy companies "dodging their responsibilities" say Greens

2 January 2010

The Green Party today criticised energy companies for "failing to take their responsibilities seriously."

The Greens' remarks followed media reports that Npower had rushed out 12 million unsolicited low-energy lightbulbs in time to avoid a new ban on doing so, and despite government advice that many unsolicited bulbs would never be used (1).

Npower was facing a fine of more than £40 million, or 10 per cent of its turnover, if it failed to meet its target for home energy-saving improvements under the carbon emissions reduction target scheme.

A Green Party spokesperson told the BBC's One O'Clock News today:

"It's time energy companies really started taking their responsbilities seriously. Dodges like this are inexcusable.

"Scientists say the effects of climate change are already causing 300,000 premature deaths worldwide every year, plus around $125bn of economic damage. Energy companies are in a very special position in that they can make a huge difference."

He added:

"Having said that, governments are in an even more responsible position, and the Labour government has seldom set a very good example. It's hypocritical of the government to criticise Npower when its own targets for the Copenhagen summit were so inadequate."


1. See Ben Webster, The Times, 2.1.10:

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