Disappointment in Norwich South – but Greens still on course to take power in Norwich in 2011

7 May 2010

The Green Party expressed disappointment tonight that its deputy leader Adrian Ramsay was not elected as Member of Parliament for Norwich South. However, the Green vote share in the constituency was doubled from the last General Election to 15% - clearly the second highest Green vote in the country. 

The results were:

Simon Wright Liberal Democrat 13,960 29.4% -0.6%
Charles Clarke Labour 13,650 28.7% -8.7%
Antony Little Conservative 10,902 22.9% +1.1%
Adrian Ramsay Green 7,095 14.9% +7.5%

The Conservative and Lib Dem vote shares remained about the same as the last General Election, while the Labour vote crashed by about 9%.

The Green Party's vote in the constituency was up by over 7%.

Norwich Green Party will now refocus its efforts on becoming the largest party on Norwich City Council at the next local elections. The Green Party currently holds 13 seats - just two seats behind the ruling party, Labour.

A repeat of the 2009 local election results, when the Greens won 7 of the 13 County Council seats in Norwich, would see the Greens become the largest party on Norwich City Council.


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