New Year message from Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

31 December 2012

We can build on our new understanding of the need for strong, jobs-rich, local economies dominated by small businesses and co-operatives.

MP hails 'common sense' call for drugs policy overhaul but calls for more ambition

10 December 2012

Government's 'knee-jerk rejection' of reform is 'disappointing and deeply irresponsible'

UKUncut Starbucks protests welcomed by Green Party leader

08 December 2012

Taxes shouldn’t be donations, says Natalie Bennett at protests

An Alternative Autumn Statement 2012

05 December 2012

The Green Party is calling for positive economic policies instead of the Coalition’s dogmatic, self-perpetuating and failed “cut at all costs” approach.

AUTUMN STATEMENT 2012 - Osborne's Gas Strategy is a Fracking Disaster

05 December 2012

Green MP warns of ‘hugely damaging impact’ on bills and environment as Chancellor goes all out for gas


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