The Green Party of England and Wales sends warmest wishes to the Green Party American Presidential candidate, Jill Stein

5 November 2012


"The Green Party of England and Wales wish the US Green Presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein and her vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala good luck for tuesday's contest.  Stein and Honkala are inspiring candidates in a sterile electoral system.  While climate change will lead to greater instability and hurricane Sandy has smashed New York, neither Romney nor Obama will even mention the issue.  Both Romney and Obama are promoting coal extraction, more oil exploration and policies that threaten not just every American citizen but every global citizen with a more dangerous future.  From promoting a Green New Deal to protecting the poorest Americans the Green Party is doing vital work.

Green Party International Coordinator Derek Wall continues:

"We have also been sadden to hear how undemocratic the US presidential systems is.  We are shocked that Greens and other third party candidates have not been allowed on the ballot in every state.  The billions of dollars spent also mean that this election is fought between followers of the super rich, 99% of Americans do not have their interests represented by corporate candidates.  The restrictions on voting in some states are also undemocratic and discriminate against the poorest American and those of colour (1).

"The Green Party campaign has been vibrant and has attracted attention right across the planet.  We believe that Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala have launched a campaign that will promote practical solutions to climate change, poverty and war.  Our hearts and hopes are with them."



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