Deputy Leader makes opening speech

23 February 2013

DEPUTY Leader Will Duckworth has thrown down the gauntlet to Labour in his opening speech to the Green Party’s Spring Conference.

Mr. Duckworth emphasised the Green Party’s position as the only party fully opposed to the coalition’s austerity agenda;

“…If we want to stop the worst excesses of this vengeful government and start to put the environment and people ahead of profit and greed, then we cannot rely on a Labour party hewn from the same rock.”

In a wide-ranging address, Mr. Duckworth criticised the government’s unwillingness to tackle issues such as homelessness, inequality, tax evasion, and environmental degradation.

“Why do we allow the tragedy of homelessness to befall so many of our fellow citizens in this, the eighth richest country in the world?  I know the answer - it's greed. 

“The greed of the bankers and multinational corporations, which successive governments have not only failed to stop, but have continually encouraged through lowering taxation for the richest corporations and individuals, refusing to implement a financial transactions tax, and steadfastly ignoring the massive amounts of money taken from the treasury by tax avoiders and evaders alike.

“This ConDem government is systematically demonising the disadvantaged and poor in our society....  none of the bigger parties even mention the increasing gap between rich and poor, let alone having ideas to reverse the trend.


“We are the only party talking about quality of life and equality. We are the only party with a real vision for the future of our country and the planet. We must be the alternative. We must get out there, and we must win.”


The Green Party’s Spring Conference is held from 11am on Friday 22nd February until 3:30pm on Monday 25th February at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.




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