Does shale gas have "real potential" to cut energy bills?

25 March 2014

THAT's what David Cameron says. Owen Paterson agrees.  That's about it.

Leading economist Lord Stern called such claims "baseless economics".

Even Cuadrilla have admitted that, at best, the impact of shale gas on prices would be "basically insignificant".

Today is national Fuel Poverty Awareness day, so we're highlighting some of the real solutions to the scandal of fuel poverty and high energy bills - and some actions you can take.  

As the Energy Bill Revolution coalition says: "the only permanent solution is to make all UK homes much more energy efficient – making them so easy and cheap to heat they effectively become fuel poverty proof" 


Sign the Energy Bill Revolution petition and ask your MP to support the campaign - over 200 MPs have signed up so far - now we need to see some action!

Free on Monday 12th May? Join Join Fuel Poverty Action for a creative protest against poverty profiteers British Gas at their Annual General Meeting in London: no more energy profit before people and planet; time for affordable, democratic, sustainable energy!   (Don't forget British Gas owners Centrica are major investors in fracking).


Today's new Fuel Poverty Monitor from National Energy Action finds that, in England, the Government has dramatically reduced spending on energy efficiency improvements for low income and vulnerable households and the average investment for these households is just £3.52 per domestic electricity consumer. It finds the Goverment is not doing nearly enough to end fuel poverty and that a UK wide approach to eradicating fuel poverty has never been such a distant prospect.  Read more here: 

Find out what Caroline Lucas MP said about Labour's plans for an energy price freeze and what policies she's proposing to tackle high bills and end fuel poverty once and for all:

Did you know that there are 2.23 million children England living in fuel poverty? Find out about the human cost of cold homes:



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