Natalie Bennett selected to contest Holborn and St Pancras at 2015 General Election

4 May 2014

CAMDEN Green Party today announced the results of its internal selection to be the Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for the Holborn and St Pancras constituency.
Gospel Oak community activist Constantine Buhayer challenged Natalie Bennett for the candidacy, and local Green Party members in the constituency voted in a postal ballot which closed on 2 May. Natalie received 81% of the votes, with Constantine receiving 19%.
Natalie Bennett has been the Leader of the Green Party since 2012 and was the candidate in the constituency in 2010.
Bennett says:
“Having stood in Holborn and St Pancras in 2010, I am proud to once again represent the Green Party in this constituency in 2015. Dissatisfaction with the three largest parties is widespread. Huge numbers of voters are looking elsewhere and we can offer a professional, determined, alternative. With a majority of the 28% Lib Dem vote from 2010 looking for a new home, and Frank Dobson loyalists sizing up a new Labour candidate, we’ve an opportunity to build towards being serious contenders in Holborn and St Pancras.”
“I would like to thank Constantine for standing and for raising important issues in this selection process.”
Holborn and St Pancras voters gave Green candidate, former Councillor Adrian Oliver, 8.1% of their votes in 2005. The constituency has been a relatively safe Labour seat while Frank Dobson has been MP, but the party believes there is a real chance of the Greens overtaking other parties – including the Lib Dems – in 2015. Across Camden in the 2012 London Assembly election, 15% of people voted Green.
Constantine came third in the recent by-election in Gospel Oak, beating the Lib Dems into fourth place, and is a committed and longstanding community activist.

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