Greens back anti-privatisation strike by PCS members at the Land Registry

14 May 2014


Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has given her support to PCS members working at the Land Registry who are striking this week against privatisation, job cuts and office closures.

She said: “There is no justification and reason to take this trusted institution and its experienced, skilled staff into the private sector beyond the ideology of small government.

“We know that the failed ideology of privatisation of public services has three pillars: the pumping of public money and assets into private hands, the cutting of pay and condition of workers, and a fall in the quality of services. More, our democracy is damaged, with democratic accountability being lost behind smokescreens of ‘commercial confidentiality’ and ‘contractor error’.”

Bennett added that this coalition government in its final days was clearly racing to hand over to its friends in the corporate sector any assets that it possibly could.

“There is also rightfully great concern about the proposed part-privatisation of the Food and Environment Research Agency. It performs essential scientific research, such as on ash die-back, that nears clear public interest criteria, not a new hunt for private profits.”

Bennett concluded: “I commend the PCS members who are taking action this week. It is important that we all stand up against this failed, bankrupt ideology of privatisation, and defend jobs that provide essential public services.”

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