Green Party: We must make the NHS function for the Common Good

19 May 2014


The Green Party would ensure the NHS is brought back fully under public ownership and where possible reverse public service sell offs

With  84% of the public believing that the NHS should be run in the public sector, the Green Party have brought out an animated film to highlight the encroaching privatisation of the NHS by successive Conservative and Labour governments.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said:

“They – the privatisers, the government, the health multinationals - want us to get the message that we can’t afford the NHS, so it can be replaced with more expensive, and more unequal, alternatives.

“But we still spend only around 9% of GDP on health, about half what the Americans spend for their dreadful, unequal outcomes, mother and baby mortality rates at levels worse than much of the developing world. And we spend about 3% less on health than France and Germany, with their insurance-based systems.”

The need for a publically owned health service was there in 1948 at the creation of the NHS and is as strong today. Only the Green Party will ensure that the NHS remains of the people for the people.View the Green Party film here:



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