Greens set to launch fresh attempt to secure Europe-wide fracking ban

21 May 2014


Greens set to launch fresh attempt to secure Europe-wide fracking ban


Less than 50% of Britain is in favour of fracking (1)


Fracking now being banned in parts of the USA as worries over water contamination grow(2)

Following the Government’s disastrous “dash for gas” energy policy, Green MEPs are stepping up the pressure and pushing for a Europe-wide ban on fracking, following elections on 22nd May.


Andrew Cooper, environmental spokesperson and lead Green MEP candidate for Yorks and Humber said:

“The more that people know about fracking, the less likely they are to support it. We cannot build a sustainable future using the filthy fossil fuels of the past.”

Hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) for shale gas is being heavily promoted by the UK Government, despite widespread concerns and growing evidence of its impact on public health and the environment.


In the belief that a “fracking-free future” is imperative to tackling climate change, Keith Taylor, current Green MEP for the South-East said:

“A Europe-wide ban on fracking would speed up the much-needed transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy”.


In January the UK Government blocked European Commission proposals that would have introduced a degree of regulation for the fracking industry.

Other political parties have shied away from taking action to safeguard Britain’s towns, cities and countryside from a new wave of destructive drilling, while the Greens already represent the UK in the growing anti-fracking movement in the European Parliament.

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