Romayne Phoenix: 'The Labour hierarchy plans to continue with the Tories’ macho approach to welfare'

19 June 2014

LABOUR’s desperate mimicry of the Coalition’s macho approach to welfare inflicts yet more pain on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, says the Green Party, the only party fighting for a real change from austerity and welfare cuts to investment in a low carbon economy which can create decent jobs for the future.

Unemployed young people could be denied out-of-work benefits unless they agree to training, Labour Leader Ed Miliband will say in speech today (1) at the Institute for Public Policy Research, a centre-left think tank. In the speech, he will say those aged 18-21 should get a means-tested "youth allowance" rather than Jobseeker's Allowance, if they train in key skills.

The Green Party will end the race to the bottom on welfare: we will not kick people when they are down.

Romayne Phoenix, Green Party Spokesperson on Welfare and Co-Chair of the People's Assembly, said:

"Today’s announcement has confirmed what we already knew: the Labour hierarchy plans to continue with the Tories’ macho approach to welfare – inflicting yet more pain on the lives of those who should be supported rather than stigmatised by the state.

“Young people leave school or college looking for work and keen to start their career are not only being faced with a shortage of decent jobs, they’re being told they’re going to be punished for this government’s failure to invest in their future. 

“We need a completely new approach – one that reshapes the economy and our welfare system so that it puts people first. That’s why thousands of people will be joining together this Saturday under the banner of the People’s Assembly, marching to Westminster in a mass-call for an end to austerity. Join us and together we can create a brighter, fairer future."


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