Green Party backs No to Nato march

29 August 2014


The Green Party has today expressed support for the No to Nato march tomorrow in Newport, protesting against the role Nato continues to play in world politics.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said:

"Given the unstable situation in many parts of the world ,but particularly the situation in Ukraine, and in the year in which we mark the centenary of the start of the First World War, now is a good time to reflect on the profound failure of our existing foreign policies to deliver peace and stability in the world.
"Nato was established for mutual defence during the Cold War and should have been disbanded when it ended. As a nuclear-armed alliance with more than 5,000 weapons, it significantly contributes to threats to the world's safety. “

Wales Green Party leader, Pippa Bartolotti, who will be speaking at tomorrow’s march in Newport, commented:

“We’re out on the streets of Newport because it is no longer possible to tolerate the reckless decision making of NATO. These heads of state have been responsible for countless civilian deaths in Afghanistan, they have torn Libya and Iraq to shreds and are poised to plunge us deeper into this grisly mire of warmongering in Ukraine.

“Money into war is money out of communities. 500,00 people had to resort to foodbanks last year. Inequality grows with each passing moment.

“War is the enemy of the poor. It is the biggest polluter and a vile instrument of moneymaking. We hope many people will join us at our Alternative Summit, to march with us and join the throngs from Europe and the world as we celebrate a better way of doing business.”

Green Party International Spokesperson, Tony Clarke said:

“Those meeting at Newport should avoid taking sides or grandstanding for their own self-interest and concentrate instead on how all governments can support self-determination by the people who always suffer most from any war, the civilian populations”

Saturday’s protest, organised by Stop the War and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Green Party and and No Nato Newport will see protestors march from the Civic Centre, over the Old Town Bridge and past the War Memorial in Clarence Place.  


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