YouGov polling: Green Party neck and neck with Liberal Democrats

29 September 2014

*Green Party membership has grown 40% in 2014. Membership of the Young Greens is up 70%.

*Green Party will be standing candidates in at least 75% of seats at the 2015 General Election.

The latest YouGov results (1) for the Sunday Times have the Greens and Liberal Democrats both at 6% in voting intention. The Green Party has been polling at some of their highest numbers ahead of a General Election since 1989, a breakthrough year.

The Green Party has been closing the small polling gap on the Lib Dems in recent months. The Greens outperformed the Coalition partners in the May 22 European Elections both in terms of MEPs returned and percentage of the total vote (2).

Green Party membership has also surged this year; up 40% since Jan 1 2014 (3). Membership of the Young Greens is now well over 3,000 following an increase of over 70% in the past six months alone (4).

An online poll conducted by the Guardian last week entitled "Why have you joined the Green Party?" (5) identified that many new members have been motivated to join by the Greens’ progressive policies such as a Wealth Tax, and a £10 minimum wage for all by 2020.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:

"As the three business-as-usual parties demonstrate they cannot move on from the failed policies for the past 30 years, and the extreme neo-Thatcherite nature of Ukip becomes evident under its coating of popularism, it's not surprising that support for the Green Party is growing.

"We offer a transformation of our economy so that it works for the common good, not for the good of the few.

"The Green Party's support for decent wages and benefits for all who need them, demand that multinational companies and the rich pay their way, and understanding of the need to live within ecological limits offer the positive way forward.",-push-liberal-democrats-into-fifth-place/,000/

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