General Election 2015: Green Party embraces crowdfunding

31 October 2014

*Greens committed to collaborative, innovative campaigning

*Green Party candidates standing in at least 75% of seats in May 2015

The Green Party is working with Crowdfunder (1) which will allow Green Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to raise their deposit faster than ever before.

After a successful Crowdfunder campaign in Plymouth (2) where the £500 fee to stand as an MP was raised in just three days, the Greens are breaking new ground as they appeal directly to their supporters via Crowdfunder to raise funds and awareness alongside harnessing online support.

The Green Party has pledged to stand in at least 75% constituencies in 2015. This will allow 50% more people to vote Green at the coming General Election than were able to in 2010.

Ahead of the election, the Greens are polling at their highest levels since 1989. Leading pollsters YouGov (3) and Ashcroft (4) have both recently released polls showing the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats for the first time in a decade.

Tom Beckett, Fundraising and Operations Director, said:

“The Green surge in membership and polling demonstrates that more and more people are interested in Green values and policies and are prepared to vote Green at the 2015 General Election.

“Working with Crowdfunder allows the Green Party, which, unlike other parties, does not receive large corporate donations, to raise the money necessary to stand more candidates than ever before and potentially boost our representation in Parliament next year.”

Five Green Party MP campaigns are potentially going live on over the next few weeks.

Phil Geraghty, MD of Crowdfunder, said: “It’s great to see the Green Party using Crowdfunder to engage their supporters to raise funds online. 

"We think crowdfunding has a crucial role to play in the future of political funding."

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