Green Party: We must rebalance our economy so that it works for the common good

17 November 2014

* Report reveals we are not ‘all in it together’

A wide-ranging report by economists on how Coalition economic policies have helped the rich by hitting the poor (1) rubbishes Chancellor George Osborne’s claims that we are “all in it together” says the Green Party who are committed to radically rebalancing the economy so that it works for the common good and creates a fairer and more sustainable society.

The report released this morning (17th November) reveals how money has been transferred from the poorest to the better off under the Coalition.

Green Party policies such as a wealth tax on the top 1%, a £10 minimum wage, a Living Wage for all and maximum pay ratios tackle inequality head on.

Under Osborne, those with the lowest incomes have been hit hardest say the economists from the London School of Economics and the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:

“This report once again goes to prove that Osborne’s ideologically-driven austerity economics are simply not working. Osbornomics is intent on dividing up the pie so that the wealthiest are given the biggest slices. This is hardly the way towards a fairer and more equal society.

"The Green Party says this agenda has to come to an end. 

“Instead of victimizing those who are most in need through pernicious welfare reforms, we need to slash the size of the financial sector and see that it serves the needs of a boosted real economy that manufactures the goods and grows the food that we need, providing jobs that workers can live on, and homes they can afford. That would also reduce our exposure to the international economic, political and military turbulence."




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