Greens poll on highest ever percentage with YouGov

18 November 2014

*'Green surge' in polling shows little sign of slowing

*Greens poll ahead of Lib Dems for third time in a month

*Party membership up almost 90% in 2014

A YouGov survey for the Sun (1) puts the Green Party on 8%, the highest ever result for the party with the leading pollster.

The Green Party’s average polling score with YouGov has risen by three percentage points in the last six months (2).

The latest poll marks the second time in recent weeks that YouGov has put the Greens ahead of the Liberal Democrats (7% in latest poll). The Greens have also out-polled the junior Coalition partners in a recent Ashcroft National Poll (3).

The Green Party, the only party offering a genuine alternative to business-as-usual Westminster politics, has challenged (4) the broadcasters’ proposals to exclude the Greens from the planned televised Leaders’ Debates ahead of the 2015 General Election. Almost 270,000 people have signed a petition (5) calling for the Greens to be included.

Some leading political commentators have suggested (6) that polling which puts the Greens ahead of the Lib Dems puts pressure on the broadcasters to invite the Greens in the interest of both democracy and fairness.

“It (the polling) will spark fresh calls from the Greens to be included in pre-election TV debates - after broadcasters revealed plans to exclude them”, suggested the Sun (7) today.

The polling surge is mirrored by the Green Party of England and Wales’ rapid membership growth in 2014. GPEW Membership stands at 25,799 and is up a striking 87% since January 1 2014.

On May 22 2014, the Greens comfortably outperformed the Lib Dems in the European parliament elections both in terms of total vote and MEPs returned (8).



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