PM David Cameron' Leaders' Debates comments - Natalie Bennett responds

8 January 2015

RESPONDING to Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments today (1) on the broadcasters' proposed Leaders’ Debates, Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:

"Obviously David Cameron has his own political interests but I think we should give the Prime Minister credit for recognising that the debates would be unbalanced and bad for British democracy if Ukip is included and the Green Party excluded.

"The broadcasters' current Leaders’ Debates plans and the Ofcom draft ruling on ‘major parties’ this morning are particularly damaging to young people's faith in democracy and our institutions. YouGov recently found 22% of under-25s support the Green Party.

“The anti-austerity agenda of the Green Party, supported by so many Britons, will not be represented if the Greens aren't given a fair hearing.

"It is disappointing but perhaps not surprising that Labour Leader Ed Miliband does not want to debate with the Green Party on issues such as bringing the railways back into public hands, making the minimum wage a Living Wage and zero tuition fees. But he should acknowledge that British democracy would be ill served if Ukip's presence without the Greens were to drag the debates in their direction, particularly on immigration and the EU.”

  1. When asked by Tom Bradby, ITV political editor “Are you saying you are not going to go in as it stands unless at least the Greens are in?”, Cameron replied “Correct.”

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