100 days to go: Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales passes 50,000

27 January 2015

WITH 100 days to go to the General Election, the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) are stepping up the case for an end to austerity.

The Green Party is experiencing an unprecedented membership surge and is polling at its highest levels ahead of a General Election for decades. GPEW membership passed 50,000 this morning (1) and combined UK Green parties membership is fast approaching 60,000.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:

"Today is a day of opportunity. It marks the start of a countdown to one of the most competitive and unpredictable elections in living memory - an election when the British public have a chance to vote for genuine political change.

"The hold of the traditional political parties on Westminster is breaking up and so is the belief that we have to stick with an economic and political system that has concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few whilst the rest of us are left to suffer at the hands of the austerity agenda.

"We don't believe politics has to be like this - and if the Greek elections have taught us anything it is that when enough people come together to demand change, change can be delivered. 

"We urge everyone to make sure they are registered to vote and that they are ready on May 7th to have their say. The politics of the future doesn't have to look like the politics of the past. Let's get ready to change politics and build a fairer, more sustainable society that works for all."



1. The current membership figure is 50,172. 

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