Rally at Green Party Conference in solidarity with London Climate March

7 March 2015

The Green Party has held a rally at their Spring Party Conference in solidarity with the People’s Climate March.

Darren Hall, PPC for Bristol West, introduced Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, on stage at the ACC Liverpool. 

Bennett said: 

“Our government has failed to act on climate change. The world’s governments have failed to act on climate change. But the people are acting - acting with marches like today’s, acting in fossil fuel divestment, acting in anti-fracking protests. 

“We’re here today - to stand with the marchers in London and add our voices to theirs and tell the government, the global community, that the time has come to act on climate change.”

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, will be speaking at the People’s Climate March in London later this afternoon. 

She is expected to tell crowds that the climate crisis is “a crisis of our democracy too”.  

“The barrier to the rapid transition to a zero carbon future isn’t lack of technology, or knowledge, or finance, or public support. It’s lack of political leadership. It’s a refusal on the part of most politicians to stand up to fossil fuel lobbyists, listen to the scientists, and act in the public interest.” 

Lucas will add that climate change demands an urgent response - and that people do have the power to influence decision-makers and effect real and lasting change:

"The importance of people power – every single one of you here today – cannot be overstated. The fight for a stable and habitable climate will define our generation more than anything else ... but the barriers we face are not inevitable or immutable."

Green Party delegates in Liverpool showed their support for the climate march by holding up giant letters reading out ‘Climate Action Now.’

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