Key Environment Leaders endorse Caroline Lucas

20 April 2015

*Four of UK's most prominent environmental leaders have publicly endorsed Caroline Lucas.

*For the first time, the four former Friends of the Earth Directors have collectively back a General Election candidate.

*The four leaders say: Lucas has been 'a clear and vital voice' whose voice in Parliament is 'not only good for the environment - but for democracy too'– and declare a Green vote in Pavilion 'irrefutably not a wasted one'


IN AN unprecedented move, four of the country's most prominent environmental leaders - all former Directors of Friends of the Earth - have today publicly endorsed Caroline Lucas for re-election as MP for Brighton Pavilion.

Lucas, who served as MP for the seat since 2010, is standing for re-election. In a statement released today, Jonathon Porritt, Tom Burke, Charles Secrett and Tony Juniper call on voters to return her to Parliament on May 7.

Between them, the four environmentalists have around 150 years professional experience in making the case for a more sustainable and just society, not only through their work at Friends of the Earth but in a wide range of other roles. This is the first time they have come together to endorse a General Election candidate.

Their joint statement:

"There will be many people out there deeply concerned about to how to cast their vote on May 7 – and equally concerned that up until now the Election campaign has been more or less 'environment-free'.

"As four former Directors of Friends of the Earth it would be inappropriate for us to urge everyone to vote for Green Party candidates in all constituencies around the country – though we would certainly like to refute the charge that a vote for the Green Party in any of those constituencies is a wasted vote. The Green Party's new Election broadcast spells out the case for 'voting true, not tactical'.

"But there is one constituency where a vote for the Green Party is irrefutably not a wasted vote – and that's Brighton Pavilion. Its MP, Caroline Lucas, is currently the only Green Party MP, and in our view it's absolutely crucial that she is re-elected.

"Over the last five years, Caroline has eloquently addressed many of today's most pressing sustainability issues while other parties have largely ignored them. From accelerating climate change to sustainable farming and from human rights to a just and sustainable economy, she has been a clear and vital voice.

"This leadership matters all the more at a time when the mainstream parties are finding it so hard to address these challenges properly. And at a time when politicians from all parties have experienced such low public standing, Caroline Lucas is one of the very few from any party whose integrity is unquestioned. Having MPs like her in Parliament is thus not only good for the environment but for democracy too.

"Our message for voters in the Brighton Pavilion constituency is therefore crystal clear: if concerns about the environment, public services, a sustainable economy and the quality of our democracy are uppermost in your mind, there's only one way to cast your vote on May 7, and that's for Caroline Lucas."

Tom Burke
Tony Juniper
Jonathon Porritt
Charles Secrett

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