Greens to review copyright policy

27 April 2015

The Green Party is undertaking a review of its copyright policy, including inviting representatives of the creative sector, such as writers, artists, musicians, illustrators, and composers to a special session of its next conference. This is in response to a call from Caroline Lucas, who was elected MP for Brighton Pavilion in 2010 and met last week with creatives in Brighton about the Green Party's copyright policy.

The Greens' manifesto for the next parliament says we would make copyright shorter in length, fair and flexible, and prevent patents applying to software,

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, has lent her support to a review of the policy.

She said: " We are committed to an approach that is fair to all. Our long-term vision, agreed some years ago, includes a proposed copyright length of 14 years after death, but we want to ensure any detailed proposals are subject to full consultation. We also recognise the need to bring copyright law up to date to better reflect the demands of the digital age and to find innovative ways to support struggling artists."

She added: "The Greens are the only party where every member has a say in our policies. Inviting artists and creatives to our next conference will help make sure future policy on copyright is developed in partnership with those it most affects and I know that many members are keen to look at this again."

Caroline Lucas said: I am proud that we are backing the arts and listening to those people who have told us that it's important to support struggling artists. The Greens have pledged to reinstate funding for the arts to help reverse some of the damage done by the coalition's spending cuts and it matters that we get it right on copyright too."


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