Government must now act on air pollution after years of failure

29 April 2015

The Green Party has responded to a ruling by the Supreme Court ordering the Government to take urgent action on air pollution. 

The ruling requires the Government to submit new air quality plansto the European Commission no later than 31 December 2015. 

Caroline Russell, local transport spokesperson for the Green Party, said:

"Finally, after a four year court case, the serious health threat posed by air pollution has been recognised by the courts. The government is now forced to take action to clean up our air and protect our health by meeting EU Nitrogen Dioxide limits. It is scandalous that they have delayed so long knowing the very serious public health impact of their failure to act.

"The speed of the judgement highlights the urgency of the issue. The eight month timescale for Defra to produce and consult on a plan to cut emissions must now concentrate minds and lead to immediate and widespread measures to clean up our air.

"This judgement is binding on whoever wins the election next Thursday. It must be a priority to reduce these unnecessary deaths, protect the health of children growing up in towns and cities and ensure all those people with underlying heart and lung problems are able to breathe confident that the air is clean."


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