Green Party does not “shy away” from debating position of monarchy, says deputy leader

10 July 2015

Green Party deputy leader Dr Shahrar Ali has said “the entrenchment of privilege should play no role” in 21st century Britain ahead of his speech at the annual Republic conference in Bristol tomorrow (Saturday 11 July).

Dr Ali said:

“I'm delighted to be participating in the annual Republic conference. The Green Party has a clear commitment to divesting the monarchy of its legislative, executive and judicial roles.

“How is it possible, in the 21st century, that we allow individuals to enjoy greater power over others through accident of birth? We remain vulnerable to the use or abuse of such provisions as declarations of war and peace, the summoning and dissolution of parliament and royal assent to bills, in the hands of wholly unelected and unaccountable incumbents or their successors.

“We bear no grudges towards specific individuals born into such patronage. We are simply saying the entrenchment of privilege and the inequality which it fosters should play no role in a fair and meritocratic society.

“It is all too easy to put off such questions, but the Green Party does not shy away from debating them due to fear of unpopularity. Following the most disproportionate general election result in British history, questions are rightly raised about the fitness of purpose of our representative democracy and the wholesale reform of constitutional powers remains an important context.”

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, said:

“I'm delighted to have Shahrar Ali as a guest speaker. The Greens have a clear commitment to ending the monarchy's constitutional role and Republic is keen to build alliances across all political parties so we can secure future political support.”

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