Green Party commends #PolishBlood as ‘positive fightback’ against migrant-bashing

20 August 2015

Green Party Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali has spoken out in support of Polish migrants taking part in the #PolishBlood action.

Thousands of British Poles are taking part in a mass blood donation today, to remind British people of the blood shed by Polish soldiers fighting for Britain in the Second World War and to combat negative attitudes to migrants.

Dr Shahrar Ali, who has recently spoken out against anti-immigrant rhetoric, said:

“This is a highly commendable action and a much-needed reminder of the huge contribution migrants make to British society.

“In recent years the rhetoric around migration has become divisive, stigmatising and utterly deplorable and it’s wonderful to see such a positive fightback from migrant communities.

“But it should not be left to these communities alone to counter this rhetoric: in the face of growing hostility from politicians and the media, we should all be standing up for migrants.”

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