Green Party condemns UK government support for massacres in Yemen

3 September 2015

Green Party International Coordinator Dr Derek Wall has today called for the UK government to withdraw support for Saudi Arabia's assault on the Yemen.

The Cameron government has a close foreign policy relationship with the Saudi government and Saudi Arabia is a major buyer of UK arms. The increasingly bloody war has seen a mounting number of civilian casualties since Saudi armed forces have sought to displace Shia forces in the north of Yemen.

This weekend saw 31 individuals, mostly civilians, killed in a Saudi coalition bombing in Hajjah province. 

Wall said:

"While there is virtual silence from UK political figures and much of the media, it is clear that a humanitarian crisis is accelerating, and we in Britain have sadly contributed to this.

"Every day civilian casualties are increasing but this bloodshed is met with disinterest in Britain. Yet Saudi is a key foreign policy ally of the Cameron government and UK-made weapons have been used in the conflict.

"The problems of Yemen are being accelerated by foreign intervention and a disaster is unfolding. The Green Party calls on the UK government to act decisively to withdraw diplomatic and military support to Saudi Arabia until they agree to stop bombing Yemen."

It was reported in July that RAF bombs were being diverted to Saudi Arabia to be used to bomb Yemen.

The Shia Houthi forces are being attacked by an international coalition of Sunni countries led by Saudi Arabia. The Green Party believes that a diplomatic solution is vital. The UN has drawn attention to the fact that Saudi-led bombing of the main port in Yemen is leading to potential starvation for Yemeni citizens.

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