Green Party condemns Ankara bombing

12 October 2015

The bombing of a peace rally in Ankara on Friday has been condemned by the Green Party of England and Wales, who are calling for the Turkish government to respond to the PKK truce and for a full investigation into the attack.

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett said:

“This horrific bombing that killed demonstrators calling for peace between the Turkish state and the Kurdistan Workers Party is the latest manifestation of a situation of violence and terror which is growing in Turkey.

“There have been a series of attacks on peace protesters and the Kurdish community over the last six months and it is increasingly unlikely that a free and fair Turkish general election can take place on the 1 November because of the threat of violence to election rallies.

“We condemn the Ankara bombing and all forms of political violence in Turkey. We work closely with the HDP, a party formed in Turkey by both Turks and Kurds, to promote peace, to which the Turkish Green Party is affiliated. A credible investigation of the bombing is vital. The Turkish state must stop arresting human rights activists and attacking Kurdish communities.

“Peace is vital and we welcome the fact that the PKK has called a truce this weekend. But we are saddened that Turkish fighter jets continue to bomb PKK camps since the truce.”

Jean Lambert, MEP for London, added:

“The current Turkish government has been arresting journalists, lawyers and political activists and there is a lot of anger in the Kurdish community and among progressives. The government has gone backwards on human rights and is failing to protect protesters, while turning a blind-eye to much of the Da'esh-supporting activity.

"There are many views as to who carried out the attack, including suspicions of government involvement so it is essential that there is a full and independent enquiry with international input such as from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)."

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