Upton anti-fracking camp: The Green Party condemns the forced eviction

13 January 2016

NATALIE Bennett, who has visited the anti-fracking camp in Cheshire twice in the past year, said: 

“The Green Party condemns the forced eviction of the Frack Free Dee peaceful protesters from the proposed drilling site in Upton. 

“The Green Party, the only party calling for an outright ban on fracking for shale gas, stands in solidarity with non-violent protesters who are standing up to extreme energy and challenging this government’s disastrous notion that fracking can solve all of our economic and energy problems. 

“Fracking for shale gas will not not help us tackle climate change, the biggest challenge this generation faces, and it brings with it the risk of water and air pollution. Rather than locking us into a future of fossil fuel dependence, the government should instead be backing renewable, clean and safe energy."

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