Green Party Spring Conference passes Larry Sanders’ motion to overturn the junior doctors’ contract

27 February 2016

LARRY Sanders, brother of US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the Green Party’s Health Spokesperson today (27 February) committed the Green Party to work to overturn the junior doctors’ contract if imposed by Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health.

Sanders, who is in Harrogate for the Party’s Spring Conference, successfully tabled an emergency motion which pledges the Greens to call for a debate on the repeal of the contract in Parliament, encourage Foundation Trusts not to impose the contract and spearhead a legal campaign against the contract. 

Junior doctors this week announced their intention to strike again over the imposition of contracts. 

Sanders, who alongside all Greens are standing up for junior doctors, commented:

The National Health Service must remain a high quality system, free at the point of use. Action is needed now to protect our NHS from the fragmentation and privatisation being forced through by this government.

“The pain and anguish being caused by the planned enforcement proves that our NHS is not safe in their hands. I’m delighted that my party has overwhelmingly passed this critically important motion.”

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