Greens pass motion calling for action to end the bloodshed in Yemen

1 March 2016

AN emergency motion brought to the floor at the Green Party’s Spring Conference in Harrogate (26-28 February) which calls on the Party to do all it can to end the bloodshed in Yemen was carried. 

The motion, tabled by Haringey Green Party, calls on the Party to campaign to:

·       halt Britain’s current supply of UN-banned cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia

·       end Britain’s military assistance to the Saudi Arabia bombing campaign against civilians in Yemen and

·       stop all Royal Naval support for the Saudi water, food and medicines blockade of Yemen. 

The tabled motion signaled that, “in recent months the Saudi bombing campaign, and the food, water and medicines blockade against Yemen has intensified catastrophically. The Green Party is very concerned about the effects of the war conducted by one of the world’s richest countries, Saudi Arabia, on one of the poorest, Yemen."

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