Sanders gives Green Party backing for striking junior doctors

6 April 2016

Larry Sanders, whose brother Bernie is vying with Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nominee for the 2016 presidential election, is giving his full support to junior doctors striking over new contract term.

Larry Sanders, health and social care spokesperson for the Green Party said:

“The junior doctors are heroes in the fight for a public NHS. They do not want to strike; their pride is in their work. Jeremy Hunt is attempting to force a contract on them which puts patients at risk and reduces their pay. If he succeeds he will drive devoted doctors from the NHS. We already have too few doctors, nurses and hospital beds, with £22 billion of further cuts in the pipe line. A victory for Hunt would be an important step towards a profit-based NHS.

“The junior doctors deserve our full support. The Green Party offers that. We ask the other Parties to join us.”

Larry added:

“My brother, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is campaigning to create a National Health Program for the U.S. He is opposed by the same vultures who are feeding on the NHS. Their success costs us in money and in lives.”

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett said:

"Through spending time on the picket lines with junior doctors on previous strikes, I know there is strong public support for the doctors, and an understanding they've been forced into this action by a government that's starving the NHS of funds and rushing towards the disastrous US model of private health care.

"The Green Party supports a publicly owned and publicly run health care system, with no involvement of for-profit firms in the provision of healthcare and the abolition of the expensive, bureaucratic producer/provider split, as set out in the NHS Reinstatement Bill presented to parliament by Caroline Lucas, with cross-party support."



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