Nominations for Green Party Leadership elections to open on 1 June 2016

20 May 2016

* Provisional timetable for Green Party Leadership and Executive Elections announced

All members will be able to nominate and vote in the elections

* Natalie Bennett: 'Every member of the Green Party is a leader'

Nominations for the new Leader of the Green Party will open in less than two weeks (on 1 June). The elections will be hosted by the Electoral Reform Services, the UK's leading independent supplier of ballot and election services.

Earlier this week, Natalie Bennett, who has led through a period of extraordinary growth over the past four years, announced (1) that she will not be standing for another term.

Natalie’s announcement has sparked a flurry of media and party interest in who will become the next leader of the Green Party.

Nominations for the Green Party Leadership elections open on 1 June 2016 and close on 30 June. A campaign period will run from 1 July until 24 July, at which point the one-month balloting period begins. The new Leadership team will be unveiled at the Green Party’s Autumn Conference.

Running alongside the election for the new leader are the party’s Deputy Leadership elections and elections for half of the Party's national executive committee (GPEx) including for its chair.

To nominate candidates or to vote in the Green Party Leadership Elections, and the concurrent Green Party Executive Elections, participants must be members of the Green Party of England and Wales (2).

A Green Party spokesperson commented:

“The Green Party’s membership and supporters are the lifeblood of the Party. Members are at the heart of all of the Party’s decision-making from Conference and beyond and these are their elections, elections in which they will decide who comprises the Leadership team for the next two years.” 

Speaking on her decision not to re-stand (3), Natalie said:

“It's been a privilege and an honour to have the title ‘leader of the Green Party’, but every member of the Green Party is a leader, helping to lead the way towards a society in which we live within our environmental limits while ensuring no one fears hunger or want.”





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