Greens push for blacklisting public enquiry

10 June 2016

Leading Green Party figures are adding their names to the growing number of voices calling for a public inquiry into the shady practice of blacklisting.

Blacklisting is the compilation of information on individual trade unionists, usually in the construction industry, used by employers and recruiters to discriminate against individuals with trade union memberships or a history of union activity.

Now, the Green Party’s leader, Natalie Bennett and Green House of Lords member, Jenny Jones are calling for a public inquiry into the issue that has been labelled as “unfair and insidious” by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills [1].

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett said:

“The time has come for a public enquiry into the shameful practice of blacklisting. It’s vital that those who were discriminated against, and the public, gain an understanding of how this information on suspected trade unionists was collected and how it was shared with prospective employers.

“Greens will continue to speak up for workers’ rights and my party will give its full support to a public enquiry.”

Green peer, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb said:

“Companies found using blacklisting cannot be left responsible to self-police and rid the industry of this unfair practice. That’s why parliament must step up and kick-start a public enquiry into blacklisting. I’m also urging any worker who was discriminated in this way to speak to me about their experiences, I’ll do all that I can to take this forward in the Lords.”




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