Green Party Pledges to ‘defend environmental and workers’ rights’

24 June 2016

Lucas calls for progressives to 'unite' against further austerity & slashing of protections.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s MP for Brighton Pavilion, is calling on progressive parties to join forces to ‘resist any attack on hard won rights’.

Lucas, whose party has seen a surge in membership applications this morning, has pledged to fight against any attempt by the Government to cut the protections guaranteed by membership of the European Union.

She said:

“Britain has voted to leave the EU – but that does not give the Government a mandate to slash rights at work or cut environmental regulations. We now have a colossal fight on our hands to protect our environment and social protections from the worst instincts of Tory ministers. We’ll be working with trade unions and others to guard their hard won rights at work and standing side by side with environmental movements resisting any attempt to weaken environment protections.

“This decision could be devastating for the environment. The EU has been at the forefront of global action on climate change and Britain has been leading that push. Today's decision not only undermines our standing in the international community, but represents a huge gamble with our own green energy targets and performance. The Government has to urgently demonstrate that it will remain resolutely committed to the agreement made in Paris in December and to its national obligations under the Climate Change Act.”

“We know that European laws protect some of our most precious habitats and species, cut air pollutions and clean up our beaches. Any attempt to slash and burn these vital rules must be resisted.

“We are calling on progressive parties to unite in this fight. Over the last six years we’ve seen how the Tories have passed a financial crisis onto those who can least shoulder to blame – we must resist any such attempt as we leave the EU. This result presents a profound challenge for progressive politics, and we must not shy away from building new alliances to best serve the people we represent.”

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