European Parliament votes in favour of historic nuclear disarmament process

27 October 2016

Today the European Parliament voted in favour of a historic resolution to prohibit nuclear weapons, co-authored by South West MEP Molly Scott Cato. The resolution calls on all the governments of the EU to vote in favour of a UN General Assembly resolution to work on a new treaty banning all nuclear weapons. The resolution also included calls to establish a nuclear free zone in Europe, to continue working on the conference leading to a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction and on the withdrawal of all tactical nuclear weapons from Europe. [1]

Commenting after the vote Dr Scott Cato said: "Today's vote is a historic victory for global peace. As Europe is threatened by the forces of right-wing nationalism and extremism, today's vote sends out a clear message that we are still leading the way in terms of peace and security."

She continued: "In the wake of our decision to leave the EU we have to ask ourselves 'What is our place in the world?' I feel very strongly that our place is alongside our allies as part of a peaceful and prosperous Europe. In this context the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system is not only in breach of our commitments under the Non Proliferation Treaty but is also inappropriate, anachronistic, and misguided.

"It is disappointing that Labour continues to support the renewal of Trident, based partly on the idea that nuclear weapons manufacture and maintenance creates jobs. In response, I have commissioned a report into the Devonport Dockyard which makes clear that for far less public investment, we could invest in socially productive employment to replace Trident-related jobs."

[1] Text of the resolution here:

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