Conservative Councillor moves to the Greens

19 December 2016

Residents of Weymouth West were yesterday informed that their Borough Councillor Claudia Moore has made the decision to join the Green Party.

Cllr Moore said she felt very motivated by this change, “I feel much more closely aligned with the Greens on important issues and share their core values. I have been increasingly impressed with the hard work of the local Green Party, the determination of Councillors Clare Sutton and Jon Orrell, the dedication of their community litter picking team and their continuous campaigning for residents, especially tackling serious issues like air pollution.

Whilst my decision has been influenced largely by positive motivations I have become gradually more concerned by Conservative Party policies and decisions. On a local level this includes the lack of support for Castle Cove Beach access, the planning decision for ASDA petrol station and the disregard for local residents’ opinions on the North Quay development site. I cannot remain in a political party that upholds our unfair and outdated voting system or inflicts terrible cuts to disability benefits.”

West and South Dorset Green Party are delighted to welcome Cllr Moore, both as a member and as a local government representative. Green Councillor Jon Orrell said “I warmly and enthusiastically welcome Claudia to the Greens. Her involvement with the Friends of Rodwell Trail shows a passion for our natural world and outdoor spaces. Her support for Second Chance Furniture shows concern for those in need. These are the two motivations for Greens; politics where the planet and people matter.”

Weymouth West ward forms part of the Dorset County Council Division of Rodwell where Clare Sutton is the Green Councillor. Cllr Sutton said, “This is great news! I have always found Claudia to be an honest, principled and extremely likeable person, a real ‘doer’ within our community. To me, this, and ensuring local decision-makers are held to account, is what matters most in local politics.”

Green campaign coordinator Caz Dennett welcomes Cllr Moore’s decision: “We applaud Claudia for having the moral courage to act on her values and principles and for making them publicly known. Some people might suggest becoming an Independent councillor would have been an easier decision to make, but to represent the community as an Independent when you favour a political party would be misleading. If someone believes they are aligned to a party’s values, it is only honest and fair to say so.”

Cllr Moore has reassured residents that she will continue to put their interests first and do the right thing for Weymouth West. She explained this can best be done with the support of the Green Party saying “I’m proud to now represent a party that believes that building a fairer society and protecting the planet for future generations go hand in hand.”

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