Green Party calls for judge led inquiry covering media ownership

10 January 2017

The Green Party has called for a judge led inquiry covering press ownership as the Government’s consultation period for the Leveson inquiry comes to an end.

In a report published today (January 10) Molly Scott Cato, Green economy spokesperson and MEP, says that in order to have a truly free media which protects our democracy from propaganda, we must break up media monopolies [1].

In Britain three companies control nearly 70% of national newspaper circulation and five companies are in command of 81% of local newspaper titles [2].

The report states that most people have very little choice about how they receive information about the world they live in.

Scott Cato said:

“There is a glaring gap in the Leveson Inquiry which has failed to challenge the power of media moguls.

“As politicians, campaigners and journalists clamour to make the case for how much freedom the UK’s press deserves, one question has been missed – how free is our press? With the empire of Rupert Murdoch owning one third of our media, how free are the majority of our journalists, really?

“We need a judge led inquiry into these issues if we are to have a fully functioning - and truly free - media environment which can gain the confidence and support of all citizens of the UK.”




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