Caroline Lucas: The Government is standing by while Britain chokes

5 May 2017

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to the Government's air pollution plan [1].

She labeled the plan, which has just been released, as 'feeble'.

She said: 

“The Government is standing idly by while Britain chokes. This feeble plan won't go anywhere near far enough in tackling this public health emergency. We needed a huge investment in public transport, serious taxation changes and a new Clean Air Act - but none of these solutions are in the plan."

"We’ve seen catastrophic failure on air pollution from a Government trying it’s best to shirk its responsibilities. It’s astonishing that today’s plan had to be dragged out of the Government - as ministers tried their best to use the election as cover for their continuing refusal to take action.

“The Green Party’s air pollution plan would tackle this emergency - and force car companies to pay their way for the damage they have done to people’s health. Half measures are not good enough when 40,000 premature deaths are linked to air pollution every year - we need bold action now.

“Through a clean air act we would enshrine the right to breathe in the law - and ensure that Britain becomes a world leader in new technologies which help us clean up our air. We need a public transport revolution - reversing years of underinvestment and skyrocketing fare prices.”



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