Green Party accuses Tories of ‘empty promises’ on workers’ rights

15 May 2017

The Greens have responded to the Conservative Party’s announcements on workers’ rights today [1].

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said:

“The Conservative credibility gap on workers’ rights couldn't be wider. It is almost laughable that the Tories are trying to pitch themselves as a party that stands up for workers’ rights. The Conservative Government tried to bring in anti-strike laws [2], oversaw a huge increase in zero hours contracts [3] and attempted to shut down trade unions [4].

“Leaving workers in a precarious position, unsure if they're going to have enough money to pay their rent or food bills, and trying to silence their collective voice is no way to create a happy, healthy workforce. Today’s empty promises will not make us forget how the Tories have treated workers with total disdain during their time in Government.

“Theresa May repeatedly says one thing and does another. But the Green Party will always stick up for workers’ rights, not just during an election campaign. We’re the only party with a positive vision for the future world of work, exploring bold ideas like a shorter working week and universal basic income.”


  3. Statistics published in March revealed 905,000 people were employed on zero hours contracts, an increase of about 101,000 in a year:

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