Green Party responds to Lib Dem manifesto

17 May 2017

*Co-leader Jonathan Bartley: "These pledges will never be enough to win back the young voters the Lib Dems betrayed"

The Green Party has responded to the Lib Dem manifesto, which has been published online and will be officially launched at an event in London later today [1].

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said:

“The Lib Dems are trying to repair their broken relationship with young people but these pledges will never be enough to win back the young voters they betrayed in coalition with the Tories. While the Green Party shares some similar policies, such as votes at 16, banning fracking and taking in more refugees, how can we trust the Lib Dems to actually implement them?

“The Lib Dems are not the only ones with a strong stance on Brexit – the Greens have already promised a second referendum with the option of staying in the EU if voters don’t like the Government’s deal [2].

“But Brexit isn’t the only urgent issue we’re facing - the Lib Dems need to take off their Brexit blinkers and commit to tackling inequality as well. Shouting about Brexit and trying to woo young people will not hide Tim Farron’s terrible voting record: for reducing housing benefit, for the Bedroom Tax and against a bankers’ bonus tax.

“If the Lib Dems truly wanted to create a better future for young people they would be putting the fight against climate change and protecting our planet at the heart of their manifesto. The Lib Dem manifesto lacks a bold vision for the future. The Green Party is the only party committed to offering a real choice on the Brexit deal, protecting the environment and tackling inequality caused by Tory cuts.”



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