Greens respond to Conservative manifesto

18 May 2017

*Caroline Lucas brands Conservative manifesto as "misguided" and "cruel"

The Green Party has responded to the Conservative manifesto, saying it reveals the “recklessness at the heart” of the party’s plans.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader, said:

"The Tory's dementia tax and their hardline approach to migration are deeply misguided, and reveal a recklessness at the heart of Theresa May's plans. The social care changes will hit those in need worst, shifting the cost burden onto individuals and further undermining the welfare state.  The lockdown on migration isn't just economically illiterate and bad for business, it's cruel too.

"Next week the Green Party will unveil its manifesto and when we do we will be setting out our vision for the confident and caring nation that we believe Britain can be. We will be talking about investing in essential social care, not making people pay more for the privilege of being looked after, reshaping the economy so that it rewards our passions and nurtures our talents, and building an education system that inspires children to create the kind of future we want to see.”

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