Caroline Lucas slams Tory chaos on migration

2 June 2017

Caroline Lucas will today launch a blistering attack on the Tories over the ‘chaos’ in their migration policy.

Lucas, who will be making a speech in defence of freedom of movement in Sheffield [1], will say that the Tories’ migration policy is in disarray after David Davies last night refused to confirm that their net migration policy would be implemented in the next Parliament.

Speaking on Question Time, Davis said:

“That [reducing migraton to 10s of thousands] wasn’t actually in the manifesto, it was ‘we will bring it down’, we didn’t say, we didn’t put a date … [It’s] the aim, yes, but we can’t promise within five years, that’s the point.”

Lucas, who wants Britain to remain a member of the Single Market and retain freedom of movement, will say:

“Behind the Tories hardline rhetoric on migration is the chaos of a policy that’s unworkable, economic illiterate and utterly short-sighted. It’s not wonder that Ministers are backing away from this foolhardy net migration target.

Lucas will go on to make the positive case from freedom of movement. She is expected to say:

“The economic arguments for free movement are strong too. We’d be a poorer country without the taxes EU nationals pay, and the work they do in our hospitals, care homes and councils. Without free movement, there is a very real risk that the economy will not be able to generate enough tax take to support current levels of investment in the NHS or other public services – levels which have already been cut to the bone.

“If you meet a migrant in the NHS, they’re more likely to be treating you, than ahead of you in the queue.”


[1] The event will take place at 10am on Friday 2 June 2017 at Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane, Broomhall, Sheffield, S10 2FD

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