Nationwide speeches by Green politicians call for change in political climate

5 June 2017

The Green Party has called for a shift in the political climate in a series of speeches across England on World Environment Day (June 5) [1].

Prominent Green politicians took part in coordinated speeches in Bath, Bristol, Isle of Wight, London and Sheffield [2]. Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, spoke in London at 10am.

Speaking ahead of the event, Bartley said:

“Theresa May's staggeringly weak response to Trump's climate sabotage shows how weak her Government is when it comes to environmental protection. She is standing idly by while the US president swings a wrecking ball at the Paris agreement.

“Britain could be leading the world in climate technology, creating thousands of new jobs and building an economy for the future. By voting Green on 8th June you will send the clear message to whoever is in Government that climate-wrecking policies are utterly short-sighted.

“In 2015 UKIP gained one MP but with 13% of the vote they changed the political narrative. UKIP said “jump” and the Conservatives said “how high?”. We can do the same at this election with a Green vote - a vote for a positive, inclusive, open, confident, and caring Britain. A Britain that is a true democracy with a parliament representative of the people.”


  2. Times and locations of speeches:

Eleanor Field in Bath

Time: 8.30am

Location: Roman Baths, Stall Street, Bath BA1 1LZ

Molly Scott Cato and Jean Lambert in Bristol

Time: 9am

Location: Brandon Hill, Park Street, BS1 5RR

Vix Lowthion in Isle of Wight

Time: 9.30am

Location: 115 St James Street, Newport, PO30 5HB

Jonathan Bartley in London

Time: 10am

Location: Corner of Natal Road and Streatham High Road, SW16 6JA

Natalie Bennett in Sheffield

Time: 11.30am

Location: Surrey Street entrance, Sheffield Winter Garden, S1 2L

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