Green Party calls on Theresa May to oppose Trump’s travel ban

30 June 2017

The Green Party has condemned Donald Trump’s reinstated travel ban and called on Theresa May to stand up to the president.

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said:

“Theresa May should show some backbone and lobby the US President ahead of the final Supreme Court decision expected in October. The international community has a collective responsibility for refugees. Those who are able to help the most should be doing the most - and leading by example.

"Watered down discrimination is still discrimination and Trump’s arbitrary and narrow judgement about what family means has no basis in fairness or compassion. This is a man driven by the desire to appease his own ego, willing to ignore basic common sense and decency, and withhold help from innocent people - even putting many of them at risk.

"The efforts of everyone, in the courts and on the streets, who have resisted Trump’s cruelty is heartening. We must refuse to accept such stirring up of hatred and continue to support all those who are fighting the president’s actions.”



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