Lucas: Selling arms to Saudi Arabia is 'utterly unethical'

10 July 2017

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has suggested that a change of law is needed to stop arms sales to repressive regimes after the High Court ruled that the Government can continue to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia [1].

Lucas, who has been battling the Government over arms sales to Saudi Arabia for many years, accused the Government of being 'utterly unethical' by selling arms to a regime accused of breaking international law in Yemen. She is supporting the CAAT appeal against the verdict. 

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party co-leader, said:

"Today's verdict might mean that the Government is on the right side of the law for now, but it doesn't give any moral justification for their utterly unethical actions when it comes to arms sales. While the strict legal verdict is that arms sales can continue, the only morally justifiable way forward would be an immediate arms embargo to Saudi Arabia. 

"This verdict suggests that a change of law is desperately needed, because the current legal framework is allowing Britain to sell weapons to a repressive regime whose actions in Yemen are causing a humanitarian disaster. This weak Government has said they are looking to work with other parties - they should start by forming a cross-party review into arms sales to repressive regimes."



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