Caroline Lucas responds to Government battery announcement

24 July 2017

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to the Government's announcement on battery storage. 

Business secretary Greg Clark unveiled a £246 million investment in battery technology, and promised a more flexible grid for the future. 

Caroline Lucas said: 

“Today’s announcement from the Government is a positive step forward, but highlights the deep inconsistencies in their approach to the environment and the creation of an economy for for the future. With green job creation stalling, and fewer jobs in the sector being created this year than any year since 2012, it’s good to see investment in battery technology finally coming through. However the fact is that such actions could be rendered meaningless if the Government continues to subsidise fossil fuels, promote fracking and divert resources towards costly nuclear. Indeed this investment in battery technology really is a drop in the ocean when compared to the eye-watering cost of new nuclear, or the yearly handouts given to fossil fuels firms. 
“With a fifth of jobs in solar having been lost in recent years, and an effective ban on onshore wind – it’s clear that the Conservatives have a long way to go in proving their environmental credentials.  In the last few days we’ve seen the Government display some signs of a shift of attitude towards climate change and protecting our environment – that is welcome. It’s now down to ministers to show that they have the resolve to swiftly shift our economy’s gear, and ensure it’s fit for the future.”

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