Green Party calls for full publication of latest cladding and insulation tests

28 July 2017

Responding to the news that a further 82 tower blocks have failed fire safety tests [1], the Green Party candidate for Kensington in 2017 Jennifer Nadel said:
"We are calling on the Department for Local Government to make public the names and locations of all the tower blocks that have failed the latest safety tests. Just imagine for one moment living in a tower block right now but not being told if your home has been deemed unsafe. It's a recipe not only for stress and anxiety but also for yet more danger as people could be sat in flats that are simply not safe to live in. It is both patronizing and traumatizing to be told we know whether you're safe or not but we're not going to tell you.This whole tragic story has been a case of ignored information and lack of communication from those in authority - lessons must be learned and we need to start doing things differently."

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