Green Party responds to GMB union report on "commuter hell"

4 August 2017

Responding to the report from the GMB union [1] which shows average commuter times have increased, especially for those in insecure work, co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said:

“The Government needs to wake up to the realities of the modern world.  Commuter chaos resulting from the chronic failure of successive Governments to make the right transport choices is costing us all dear, whether it be robbing us of time with our friends and families, or diminishing productivity in the workplace.  

“The facts are clear.  The cost of motoring has steadily fallen in real terms for over 30 years while the cost of public transport has risen [2].  It is time that over dependency on congested and polluted roads ended, and investment in decent public transport was made a priority.  

"The way we think about work also needs to change. It’s time to move towards more flexible working practices that benefit everyone including moving toward a shorter working week. A healthy economy is one in which everyone sees the benefits of good jobs - not just in terms of decent pay and secure jobs, but also in working practices which will give us the decent quality of life we all deserve.”





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